At Heloisa watches, our products are delivered to you by our extremely trustworthy and reliable courier partners. All our products are delivered to your doorstep by companies like FedEx and DHL. They ensure and take extra care so that your chosen product reaches you in perfect condition. So sit back, and order your products from home and wait for it to be delivered promptly at your doorstep!
Heloisa watches tries to deliver in all parts of the world. You shall get your shipping charges according to the place of delivery.


Your shipping expenses is a total sum of handling, packing and postage costs which differs in accordance with the country you choose for shipping. It also depends on the weight of the product.
Shipping fees vary according to the product purchased and where it should be delivered. Our website uses smart technology and policies to detect and calculate the cost and the delivery of each product in the product page itself. So, for your benefit, you shall get a clear idea about payments to be made while ordering the product itself.
Please keep in mind, that your packages may be subject to the customs fees and import duties of the country to which you have asked your order to be shipped. Since our watches are delicate and fragile, we take extra care and pack them with utmost care in secure boxes. You can be rest assured that your product will reach you in perfect state.

Time for Delivery:

Since we have the best courier partners, you can expect to receive your product at the earliest possible. While ordering itself, you’ll get an estimated time for delivery (on every product page) that might be required. The final estimated time for deliver will be shown after you confirm you order, during your check out process.

We guarantee a smooth, swift and hassle-free shopping experience with our secure and safe payment options. Currently, these options are Cash on Delivery, PayPal, PayTabs, Credit Cards, and orders via phone and WhatsApp.

With our buyer-friendly order and payment methods, we ensure to give our customers a delightful experience. To know more know about why and how we collect your personal information, most of which is required for payment purposes, read HELOISA Watches Privacy Policy.

Cash On Delivery (COD):

In COD option, you can pay for your ordered product, in cash, once it reaches your doorstep. We assure that your contact details and other related details remain safe and secure with us. This information is not disclosed to anybody else, except for the courier service provider. Please read our Privacy Policy for more details.


You can also make payments for your order through your PayPal accounts. All you need to do is to choose the PayPal payment option during the transaction. As soon as you do it, you will be redirected to the PayPal page, where you can make the final payment. Your order will reach at your address within the specified delivery period.


Similar to PayPal, PayTabs is a secured payment gateway for online transactions for people in the Middle East. It uses the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Protocol and a fraud prevention system to avoid any interception of confidential information of the customer. To make payments with PayTabs, you need to choose this option at the time of the transaction with us.

Credit Cards:

This is another option with which you can make your payments. All your credentials and credit card information are kept safe and secure by us. We implement the SSL Protocol (with an encryption key of 128 bits length) during the payment process that automatically encrypts all information from your computer/smartphone as part of the transit.

Also, when you register or log into the payment website, our server verifies the authentication of your browser to check whether it uses SSL 3.0 or higher version, and notifies you the same.

Order and Pay via Phone or WhatsApp:

You can also place an order with us via phone or WhatsApp by simply letting us know the products you desire to purchase. Besides that you need to provide us with your payment and delivery details, and within the specified time, the product will reach your doorstep.

At Heloisa watches, you can now enjoy a hassle free shopping experience with our cash on delivery payment option.

Now sit back at home, browse through our website at your convenience, order the product you like and then relax and wait for our product to reach you at your doorstep. You can simply pay in cash then. This is for all our customers who do not want to take any risks or chances with regard to payment.

Our highly trusted courier partners will make sure you receive the product in perfect condition with the original bill and on time.

The procedure for cash on delivery mode of payment is simple and is just like any other order. You should not be facing any difficulty with it. In the section where you have to choose the method of payment, you need to choose “Cash on Delivery” after choosing your preferred courier company and providing your complete address for delivery. After this, you can review your order and then finalize it.

Your pretty goodies will then reach you at your doorstep or your office, as per your preference. You can then pay for them by the most risk free payment method.

Our watches, crafted with an immense amount of care and excellence aim at providing the best service you could ever receive. We aim to live up to the age old reputation of Swiss watch making and satisfy your demands to the best of our abilities. However, this can only be possible when proper care and attention is given to these masterpieces and the watches are dealt with care. Give these products the adequate maintenance and see them shine on for ages and attract appreciation wherever you go!
Your watch, like most other things you love, demand your time and attention when it comes to maintenance. With the due amount of care that all our elegant watches deserve, our products will last you longer and work with more efficiency. But without adequate care and maintenance, these delicate pieces might start to falter.

Like any object, your watch is negatively affected by dust, perspiration, pool and sea water. Salt crystals from the skin could attack the metal of the case and the band, the crown and leather strap. Things which seem harmless and minuscule affect your watches at a deeper and more significant level. The working parts of these watches are minuscule too, and thus the small dust or salt particles can greatly affect the functioning of these. Several other factors too, adversely affect your watch and can hamper its functioning.

We recommend that you clean your watch with a slightly damp, soft cloth at regular intervals. The metal and the gold plating will retain their original color and luster longer. Taking good care of your watches is a prerequisite for its smooth and efficient functioning.

Metal bands on watches with a minimum water resistance of 3 A T M can be washed with cold water and a mild soap. But make sure you check the watch’s water resistance before resorting or applying this method. In case the water resistance does not match the requirement, it might hamper the watch.

Make sure that the crown is pushed into place, and that the crystal is in good condition before making any contact with water. Never use hot water.

Have a professional watch-repair service replace the battery. A professional watch maker knows how to check the gaskets and how to replace them, if necessary. Do not trust amateurs with precious pieces like our watches. Always explicitly ask to check the water resistance, if you want your watch to remain water resistant after a battery replacement or repair.

International Warranty:

Your HELOISA watch is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects for a period of 5 years from the date of its original purchase. During the guarantee period the repair will be free of charge for labor and parts, if the technical service accepts the defective part to be a result of a manufacturing fault.

This guarantee will be granted only, when the guarantee booklet, duly stamped by the retailer and completed with the date of purchase and reference number of the watch, can be presented with the defective watch. Make sure you retain this carefully after your purchase. None of the data given here may be altered, deleted, removed or made illegible. The free-of-charge guarantee service can be refused if the above document cannot be presented or if the information in it is incomplete or illegible. Preservation of this document in proper shape is an essential requirement.

Please note that this guarantee does not cover:

  • damage to the crystal, winder, crown, pushers, battery, push-pins or watch band;
  • requests for replacement or reimbursement;
  • damage being a consequence of normal wear and tear or caused by mishandling, accidents or misuse due to non-respect of instructions for use and maintenance;
  • cost of transport and all risks of transport related directly or indirectly to the guarantee of the product;
  • repairs done and batteries replaced by a non-professional watchmaker or not authorized technical service or done by the customer himself;
  • damage or defect due to water infiltration after repair, if the water resistance test is not duly notified in the guarantee booklet and if it was done more than 1 year ago;
  • Any damage caused by inappropriate use, such as sharp knocks, extreme heat, cold or magnetic fields.

We, at Heloisa watches, understand that our products should reach all corners of the world and everyone, irrespective of their location should get to use these timeless beauties. Hence, we provide very convenient shipping options at affordable prices.

We deliver in all part of the globe, at cheap shipping rates. We make sure your chosen product is packed in sturdy, safe packaging. You can count on us for your product to reach you in perfect condition. We partner with globally acclaimed courier services like Aramex, Fed Ex and DHL. When in the hands of these services, you be sure of your product reaching your doorstep without hassles and glitches.

Shipping Charges and Delivery Time:
We try to provide shipping to all parts of the world at the most affordable prices. The shipping prices are calculated based on the weight of the product you chose and the destinations for delivery. From our product pages, you shall get all details regarding payment, shipping and other charges. Your exact deliver date and complete charges for shipping will also be provided in this page. For your benefit, we shall provide a tracking code via sms, with the help of which, you can easily track your product.

Taxes and Impose Duties:
Import Duties and Taxes are customary and will be charged according to the custom fees and import duties of the country you have chosen for delivery.

Payment Options:
We, at Heloisa watches, try maintaining a hassle free simple payment options. We accept all major credit cards, including PayPal. For more detailed information about payment, visit the “Payment Options” page and you will get all the necessary information.

Returns and Exchange Policies:
At Heloisa watches, we do accept returns. We have simple policies for easy returns and exchange.

Free 7 Days Return

If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase, as long as it is in the original condition, you can simply contact us to return it within 7-days period and we will accept the exchange or offer a refund as long as the purchased item is returned with all original packing accessories including boxes, certificates or any other supportive items. The purchased item must be returned in unworn and unaltered condition from the original (i.e. has not been sized, engraved, etc..
However the return will not be processed for the following reasons:-

  • Listed in the non-returnable list
  • Clearance Item or on Sale
  • Not In the same condition as received and with the original packaging box and/or packaging

Return Process

1 – Please call on our customer care number: +966 _____ within 7 business days from the day your order is delivered.

2 – We will send a courier pick up for the product to be returned.

3 – Please make sure to pack the item in its original state and packaging. Make sure not to remove any bar code/labels on the box and hand over the package to our courier representative.

4 – Once we receive your item, we will inspect it and process your refund immediately.

Refund Charges

If the item you have received is damaged, defective or not as described on the website, you will receive a free full refund including the shipping charges. However, if the item is in its perfect condition, then a 25% re-stocking fee is charged for local and international orders.

How Our Refund Mechanism Works

In case of order cancellation: You get a refund through store credit. On request, the refund can be done based on the mode of payment during purchase.

In case of credit card payment, you get a refund to your credit card statement upon request. This process takes 10 to 14 working days from the date of order cancellation.

In case of PayPal payment, you get a refund to your paypal account on request and this process takes a normal of 2 business days from the date of order cancellation.